Almost 50 years ago my Dad, Bernie, took a huge gamble. With 4 young kids and everything to lose he took his and my moms life savings and bought Midway Liquors. The owners were selling because they thought the opening of I-95, which parallels Route 40 would take customers away. Just the opposite happened, it made traveling easier and the business exploded. Fast forward to today and the business is still growing because our family has maintained the same philosophy throughout the years; Great service, great prices and a great selection manned by a friendly, courteous and experienced staff.

Almost every day we hear “I love shopping at this place” or “this is my favorite liquor/wine/beer shop”. My personal favorite is “I always do my beverage shopping at THE Midway”. Prefacing with “The” sends tingles down my spine because it means we are not just a corner liquor store as we hold a special place in our customer’s hearts.We have planned generations of weddings, graduations, birthday parties, confirmations, bar/bat mitzvahs etc. We thrive on being well informed about new products, new vintages and the whole changing world of alcoholic beverages. Stop in for your anniversary celebration, a dinner party matching wines with each course or grab a 6 pack of Natty Boh. Whatever your beverage needs, we hope to see you at “The Midway”.

– Stan Bliden and the Staff of Midway Liquors