October Beer Specials



Miller Lite $18.99 2-12pk cans


Coors Light $18.99 2-12pk cans


Bud Light Lime $14.99 18pk cans


Bud Regular & Light $18.99 2-12pk btls


Dogfish Head 60 minute IPA $9.99 6pk

Miller Lite $21.99 30pk cans


Yuengling Lager $16.99 24-12oz loose cans


Keystone Light $15.99 36pk cans


Bud Regular and Light $21.99 30pk cans


Natural Light $15.99 30pk cans


Coors Light $21.99 30pk cans


Miller Lite $18.99 2-12pk btls


Guinness Extra Stout $24.99 2-12pk btls


Truly Berry and Citrus Mix packs $25.99 case