Summer 2018 Top 12

$119.99 CASE

A fantastic collection of delicious wines for the Summer season.  Explore the world of wine with us!


1. Chateau Tanunda Cabernet Sauvignon 2015 ⎢Barossa Valley, Australia

92 Points Wine Spectator: A red and dark fruit spectrum of currant, dark plum and cherry notes cascade across a fully bared palate, tucked in by an edgy structure of Cabernet’s stiff upper lipped grainy tannins, dutiful acidity and a forest-like substrata of flavours comprising capsicum, mint, bay leaf and anise. Almost drinks like a cooler climate cabernet despite its origins.

Pairing: Grilled Lamb Chops

2. Puydeval Cab Franc/Syrah/Merlot 2015 | Languedoc, France

Big, rich, concentrated and intense. A ripe, polished and well-balanced wine, offering spicy aromas of black cherry and blackberry, with hints of anise, and just a touch of earthy character.

Pairing: Pizza, Burger, heck…anything!

3. Mapreco Vinho Verde Rosé 2017 | Vinho Verde, Portugal

This may be the most chuggable wine in the store!Aromas of strawberry, melon and a hint of lime.Slight effervescence and low alcohol make this the perfect sipper for a hot day. Vinho Verde literally means ‘green wine’ and is named after the northwest Portuguese region from which it originates. The ‘green’ in the name refers to the youthful state in which the wines are customarily released and consumed, not the color of the wine.

Pairing: Pool toys and deck chairs

4. Raza Vinho Verde 2017 | Vinho Verde, Portugal

When it comes to drinking alcohol on a scorching hot summer day, there isn’t much better than ice cold Vinho Verde.This translucent, fruity, and slightly fizzy white wine from northern Portugal has low alcohol, so it keeps you hydrated…sorta.50% Arinto, 25% Azal, and 15% Trajadura.

Pairing: potato salad, crab chips and fried chicken.

5. Sean Minor Sauvignon Blanc 2016 | Sonoma, California

Golden straw color and displays aromas of melon, orange blossom, grapefruit and a touch of tropical notes. On the entry, citrus grapefruit acidity integrates well with a medium body mid palate mouth feel. The kiwi and peach flavors evolve into a hint of minerality that adds complexity to the finish.

Pairing: Grilled Rockfish

6. Joseph Drouhin Chardonnay 2016 | Burgundy, France

Elon’s Review: It is rare that a value from Burgundy comes along and smacks my tongue.Fortunately I found one earlier in the year, but alas, inventory has dried up.Drouhin is not exactly known for its values, however this declassified Chablis and Macon blend is truly stunning for the price.A case will give you your Burgundy fix and reward you over the summer, and you can afford it without having to take out a second mortgage. Lemon meringue, white minerals, marzipan, and apple.Stainless steel with a touch of used oak. 100% Chardonnay.

Pairing: classy cheese and expensive crackers

7. Chateau Maris Old School Rouge 2017 | Minervois, France

Minervois is a magical wine growing region.It is said that this area in southern France produces more wine than all of the USA!Here you can find exceptional values, like this stunning Syrah and Grenache blend.Farmed organically, this is a serious wine that packs a punch with aromas of burnt herbs, blueberry, and spicy raspberry.

Pairing: campfire beans with bacon

8. Le Fraghe Bardolino 2017 | Veneto, Italy

The Bardolino growing area is between the base of Lake Garda and the hills where Valpolicella is grown, not far from Verona in North-East Italy.This Bardolino tastes of cherries, blueberries, and herbs, with hints of orange peel, cinnamon and black pepper; it works with a range of dishes (pork, chicken, grilled salmon). The body of the wine is velvety (not unlike Pinot Noir), with balancing acidity, very drinkable; if the measure of a good wine is that you wish the bottle had another glass left in it, this wine is perfect.

Pairing: Tomato/Basil/Mozzarella/EVOO

9. Bulgarian Heritage Mavrud 2015 | Thracian Valley, Bulgaria

The Thracian Valley sits on the same latitude as Tuscany and Rioja, so it makes sense that great wine can be produced there!Centuries ago, this area was probably covered in vineyards, but alas the Soviet state controldetroyed what quality would have evolved out of many generations of family growers.Now that the country has had several decades of rebirth, the wine producers are beginning to blossom.We really enjoyed this full bodied red, made from a centuries old native varietal named Mavrud.If you enjoy Syrah you will love this peppery and dark fruit laced beauty.

Pairing: Grilled Steaks

10. Maipé Malbec 2016 | Mendoza, Argentina

Maipe is an economy label from one of our favorite producers of Malbec, Chakana.With this bottling they have managed to pack a whole lot of wine into a very affordable bottle.We love the bright cherry and raspberry flavors with some lovely notes of crushed rock and citrus.

Pairing: BBQ Chicken and Ribs

11. Aragosta Vermentino 2016 | Sardinia, Italy

As the label suggests, this is a perfect pairing for shellfish, especially spiny lobster, which is one of the regional favorites on the island of Sardinia.Super duper crisp and refreshing, with aromas of lemon zest, green apple and tangerine.

Pairing: Lobstah!

12. Alvarez de Toledo Mencia 2013 | Mencia, Spain

One of our most popular Spanish reds, the Alvarez de Toledo Mencia, is just so good, it is usually bought by the case! Deep in color for a wine of this price with flavors of bright pomegranate, cherry, violets and a touch of pepper. The Mencia grape is a sleeper, you should get to know it!

Pairing: Slow roasted pork